Finish Wk 1 – Work on Google Drive

In Class Projects

WK2 – Macro Photography – Please take your three best pictures from the shoot and edit them for quality and composition and turn in to the google classroom assignment.

When you are completed I want you to analyze and discuss the difference between the use of the diffused light (the light box we used ) and the “regular” fluorescent lights. Discuss how they are different, why you think the pictures turned out the way they did and how you could improve on them still. Please turn into your Google Drive folder – Call it WK2 Macro Critique.

Get in groups of 4
Get light kits out
Each person needs to find an object to take a macro picture of.
Take 10+ pictures of each objects and then switch

Look at each picture
Find your 10 best pictures
Edit each one (proper edits)
Turn in to Google Classroom




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