WK 7

Portrait Assignment 

You are to team up with one(1) other student and create a mini-portfolio on your site.  

Portfolio will consist of:

 – 5 shots (5 Shots only)
 – All shots edited and turned in
 – 2 shots turned in to grayscale
(7 shots total)

Turn them all into a Google Doc.


Assignment on Google Classroom:

Do some research and find a famous portrait photographer =

Who the photographer is:
Tell me why you chose this person:
Give me an example of a photograph that you like from this person:
Persons website/gallery page





WK 6


Research photographers online who specialize in your area of interest. Write a 400 word essay about your chosen photographer.
– a description of their style
– how you think they technically achieve their results”
– describe their visual aesthetic and composition style
– describe why you enjoy their photography
– Include 2-3 of their images with your writing

Make sure to research various resources including the photographers own website, social media, etc.

Reflections Assignment Examples:

Future or Past Reflection
Take a photograph of yourself looking in the mirror. Using Photoshop, place an image in the mirror or window showing how you see yourself in the future or someone in the past.

Mirror Effect Tutorial


E. Landscapes & Seascapes (SELECT Four)
1. Mountains – 5 photos
2. Trees* – 5 photos
3. Clouds* – 5 photos
4. Lakes, Streams & Waterfalls – 5 photos
5. Ocean beaches – 5 photos
6. Cities & Towns – 5 photos
7. Gardens & Flowers* -5 photos

1. Transportation* – 5 photos
2. Car* – 5 photos
3. Trucks  – 5 photos

4. Buses – 5 photos
5. Planes – 5 photos

6. Boats – 5 photos
7. Trains – 5 photos

1. Formal* (portrait) – 5 Photos
2. Glamour* (portrait) – 5 Photos
3. Older Generation -5 photos
4. Younger generation -5 photos
5. Cultural Diversity -5 photos
6. Friends – 5 photos
7. Lighting – 5 photos

H. Me & My Shadows (DO BOTH)
1. Dramatic Lighting* – 5 photos

2. Sunsets* – 5 photos

I. Still Life (SELECT THREE)
1. Liquid – 5 photos
2. Worm’s Eye View – 5 photos
3. Bird’s Eye – 5 photos
4. Tilted – 5 photos

WK 5

WK 5
Monday – 
Finish editing fall photos and turn in to GC
5 – photos
1- Best of

Tuesday – 
Remove Dust
Remove Dust and Scratches
source 12356 546.jpg



Remove the crinkle on the left of the backdrop
Take out the line up on top
smooth backdrop
Retouching – VIDEO
remove backdrop


remove white “splotch” on the middle right of background
remove lamp so all you see is the background

remove lamp




WK 3

Week 3- Colorize

Due Friday

Black and White photos – Use these:


You must use Photoshop to edit your pictures 


You must Photoshop to edit your pictures on your drive.

Advanced Photography assignments are a continuation of the basic photography principles covered in Photo 1. Students will work independently and with Mr. Eriksen, to sharpen their journalistic, artistic, and commercial photography skills. These are the attributes your work will be assessed by:

Spending Time with Subject
Using Rule of Thirds
Getting the Subject in Focus
Catching the Moment that tells the story
Dominant Focal Point using Leading Lines and high and low Horizon Lines
Proper adjustment of photos with digital editing programs
Identification of files
Communication with teacher
Proper use of camera


Finish Wk 1 – Work on Google Drive

In Class Projects

WK2 – Macro Photography – Please take your three best pictures from the shoot and edit them for quality and composition and turn in to the google classroom assignment.

When you are completed I want you to analyze and discuss the difference between the use of the diffused light (the light box we used ) and the “regular” fluorescent lights. Discuss how they are different, why you think the pictures turned out the way they did and how you could improve on them still. Please turn into your Google Drive folder – Call it WK2 Macro Critique.

Get in groups of 4
Get light kits out
Each person needs to find an object to take a macro picture of.
Take 10+ pictures of each objects and then switch

Look at each picture
Find your 10 best pictures
Edit each one (proper edits)
Turn in to Google Classroom